Bride and Groom Pre Wedding Timetables

Checklist for Brides

Mother helping the bride - her daughter to put her wedding dress on, close up photo

12 months prior

9 months prior

  • Shop for dress, accessories.
  • Register for china, linens, etc: take fiancée with you.

6 months prior

  • With fiancée, meet with clergy member/officiant to discuss ceremony.
  • Begin guest list: have fiancée work on a list too.
  • Choose flowers with florist. Book calligrapher.
  • Order invitations and announcements; begin addressing them as soon as they arrive.
  • Talk about honeymoon plans with fiancée.
  • Shop for attendants’ dresses.
  • Discuss rehearsal dinner with fiancée.

4 months prior

  • Finish guest list, get fiancée’s list.
  • Be sure wedding rings are ordered.
  • Give request list to photographer, musicians.
  • Have portrait taken.
  • Confirm delivery date on your wedding dress.
  • Make appointment with hairdresser.
  • Plan lodging for out-of-town guests

4-6 weeks prior

  • Mail your invitations.
  • Buy fiancée’s wedding gift.
  • Buy gifts for your attendants.
  • Pick up wedding dress and accessories.
  • Plan your bridesmaids’ party.
  • Write thank-you notes for gifts.
  • Send wedding announcement to your newspapers.

1 week prior

  • Pack for honeymoon.
  • Give final guest count to caterer.
  • Give and/or attend bridesmaids’ party.
  • Check final details with florist, etc.
  • Arrange to move belongings to new home.
  • Keep up with thank you notes.
  • Remind attendants of rehearsal dinner details: give them gifts that night.

Checklist for Grooms

6 months prior

  • Pick up fiancée’s engagement ring from jewelry store (if not selected).
  • Start making out your guest list.
  • With fiancée, meet with clergy-member/officiant to   discuss ceremony.
  • Discuss how many ushers you’ll need (one for every 50 guests).
  • If you are traveling abroad, be sure to update your passport; arrange for visas,  international driver’s license, check on inoculations if needed.

3 months prior

  • Complete guest list; give it to fiancée.
  • Consult fiancée: order wedding attire for self, best man, ushers and fathers
  • Order wedding rings.
  • Arrange to pay for bride’s bouquet: order men’s boutonnieres, mothers’ corsages.

6-8 weeks prior

  • Make sure that lodging has been arranged for out of town relatives and ushers.
  • Plan rehearsal dinner with your parents.
  • Select gifts for bride, ushers.
  • Make sure necessary documents Legal, medical and religious
  • Give or attend bachelor party.
  • Pick up wedding rings and check engraving(if applicable).
  • Help fiance with thank you notes.
  • Go with your fiance to get the marriage license.
  • Double-check honeymoon reservations.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you away at the reception and make sure that they know where to take you, hotel, airport, train station.

1 week prior

  • Explain special seating arrangements for family, disabled guests, to head usher.
  • Put the clergy member’s or officiant’s fee into an envelope, seal, and give it to the best man to deliver after the ceremony.
  • Pack for your honeymoon.
  • Arrange to move belongings to new home.
  • Remind best man, ushers, of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner details; present gifts to attendants at rehearsal dinner.


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