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How To Choose A DJ For Your Wedding
Written by Walter Caudle and featured in the Columbia Bridal Associates Bridal Guide

The quality of your music is very important and will be remembered long after the food and flowers are forgotten. Considering the different types of people who will be at your wedding, your entertainment should be able satisfy all kinds of musical preferences.

For quality, variety, and value, nothing can beat an experienced DJ, who can create a memorable event that your friends and family will talk about for years to come.


Use a local DJ who specializes in weddings. A DJ you used for an office party may not have the training and expertise in weddings needed to make your reception a success.

Get recommendations from family, friends, and your other wedding professionals. Is the DJ a member of industry associations? Get references.

Advance Planning
Does the DJ ask a lot of questions about your preferences? Is the DJ interested in making your reception a truly special event? Will the DJ coordinate the reception?

Musical Selections
Does the DJ have an extensive music library to accommodate special requests? Can the DJ demonstrate a broad knowledge of all types of music?

Sound and Lighting Equipment
Is the equipment appropriate for the size, acoustics, and logistics of your reception venue? Does the DJ use commercial equipment?

Back-up DJ's and Equipment
What if something goes wrong with the DJ or the sound system? Can you be assured of a backup DJ and/or equipment if needed in the event of an emergency?

Do you want a subdued atmosphere at your reception…or a festive party environment? The DJ will be responsible for setting the mood. Can the DJ interact with the crowd?

Low prices or deep discounts may be indicative of a DJ with a bad reputation, inferior equipment, lack of training, or other problems that could ruin your wedding day.

Contract - Is everything specified and confirmed in a written agreement?


Frequently Asked Questions


When should I book my DJ?
Many weddings are booked up to a year or more in advance. 
Don't take a chance - - contact us now to check availability and reserve your date!

How do I book and pay for my DJ?
All bookings require a signed contract and $200 deposit. The deposit is applied to the balance due. Final payment is normally made at the conclusion of the reception.

What are the differences in the DJ packages?
Some clients want a casual atmosphere with no formalities or advance planning. Others prefer a traditional reception with a first dance, toasts, etc. Many clients need someone to plan, organize, and/or coordinate the reception. Our packages allow you the flexibility to choose exactly what services you need.

How do we plan the reception?
Each wedding is unique. Using our experience and a detailed information questionnaire, we will help you plan the wedding so that no detail is overlooked. We also coordinate our technical and logistic needs with your reception venue.

Do I need to pick out all the songs for the reception?
We will help you decide on the music formats preferred by you and your guests. In addition to selections for formal dances and other activities, we ask our clients to give us a list of 10-15 "must play" songs and any songs not to be played. Your DJ will then use his experience to play the right songs throughout the reception.

Will I meet my DJ before the wedding?
Absolutely! Depending on the package you select, you can even have unlimited consultation sessions.

When should reception details be finalized?
Decisions regarding the sequencing of activities and the selection of songs for formal dances need to be finalized about a month before the wedding. This schedule allows enough time for us to order special music, if necessary.

What if a last-minute emergency prevents my DJ from performing?
We only book two (2) weddings on any particular day, leaving us with adequate staffing and support resources to provide a replacement DJ.

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